Did you know that essential oils are key for improving your mood, reducing anxiety and increasing energy levels? Here are 27 essential oils to help improve your workday.


27 Essential Oils to Upgrade Your Workday

27 Essential Oils

Death has been one of my greatest teachers.   It dropped- kicked me and stripped me of everything I thought I was.  It grabbed me into its cold arms and held on tight. Surprisingly, there was also warmth in there.

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5 Sacred Lessons Losing a Loved One Has Taught Me

5 Sacred Lessons Loss Has Taught Me

We all think that the hard part is creating the content, coming up with the ideas but those are not ours.  They are gifts from the Universe.  We have all been programmed with our gifts.  We have been given the tools.  It is our mission if we CHOOSE to accept it.  The hard part, the WORK is being able to step into the spotlight, to share what we have created with the world.  

Life Advice

You don’t lack confidence, you lack COURAGE

You Don't Lack Confidence You Lack Courage

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Tired of Being

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