Have the Audacity.
To Live in Your Mess. 


You’ve been here before. Wanting to start on the next goal you’ve written down for yourself.
You’re ready, or at least you think you are.

You’ve checked off all the boxes and done all the “right” things. You’ve done the things to survive.
And you realize that’s all bullshit.

So you take the next step. 
And then you step back not knowing if that was the right step or the gross, wrong one. So happiness gets put off until “later.”

Later becomes never.
Damn. You just fell into another false start. 

You don't want to survive anymore. 

You want to thrive. 

you'VE BEEN TOLD if you just check all the boxes...


then it will add up to happiness, right?? 



have 2.5 kids

adopt a cute ass dog


Here’s your permission to give your stuckness the middle finger and have the audacity to move forward in the life you deserve.

However messy your life looks now.
With all the starts and stops and “holy sh&t, what’s happening with me?”
Yeah, we’ve all been in that stuckness before.

That doesn’t mean you have to be forever stuck in the same spot.
You deserve to go after all the ~ish you want with unabashed gusto and unapologetic determination.

Hey, my door’s open.
And my place welcomes your mess. 
Because going from good to great always starts with a little bit of chaos.

Life is more than that. 
YOU are more than that. 

I’ve never come across a bigger equation that added up to such Bull.
Life doesn’t work like that.
You can’t just check off all of life’s “boxes” and expect it to lead you into any amount of true happiness.

And there’s a piece of you that’s been nudging the back of your brain saying,
“Hey Sis, what the hell are you doing here when you could be doing something that makes you light up like the Fourth of July?”

Lemme tell ya, you knew the answers before you even made the decisions. You just weren’t listening. 
You were too busy checking off the boxes hoping and praying the equation life gave you would actually work.

Did you really need to date that guy for two years? 
Did you really need to take that job you knew YOU'D HATE?  

Newsflash: That bold feeling in your gut is your intuition. 

But you’re not a simple equation.

You’re a messy being, just ready to be audacious enough to go after something different.

meet your coach

I'm Angela Armstrong Founder/CEO of
The Rebellious Leader

I’m not a fairy Godmother. I have no magic wand. I don’t have a book of crazy secrets I can just whip open and use to unlock your personal power.

“But Angela, then why am I even here?”
Because you know the answer has been with you all along.
And you’ve been so busy trying to figure out how to apply that damned check box equation, you haven’t learned where to look.

You’re here because your intuition pulled you in this direction, guided you to this page, and now you’re resonating with what I’m saying.

I’m so glad it did because now I can be the perfect guide for this journey of yours.


The destination is gonna be even bigger and brighter than you’d ever imagine.

And I think you’re ready for it.

Scratch that, I know you are. 

I’ve seen my mess.
And I had the audacity to live in it…
So I could get to where I am today.

And now it’s your turn to live in yours. 
Warning: Strap yourself in. This is gonna be a bumpy ride. 

Go Ahead, Be Bold

Bold Enough to Take Action

If you…
Want to finally break free of feeling stuck…
Think you should listen to that gut feeling that’s been tugging at you... 
Are ready to give fear a one way ticket out the door…
Then your mess is wanted here.
Go ahead, book a Break Thru the BS discovery session. 
And let the door hit the ass-end of fear as it leaves you for good.

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